Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take your artisan bread and shove it

On Tuesday I ordered this book.  Friends have been recommending it to me for years.  We had some rewards points from our bank and a credit card, so I ordered it.

I've been looking forward to the book's arrival since then.  It came today.  I am very disappointed.  I'm downright angry.  This book is pretty much worthless to me until we own an additional (or at least a different) refrigerator.  The whole premise of this book is that you should store large containers of dough in your refrigerator for later use.

While I am willing to admit that part of my disappointment is due to the fact that I had such high expectations, I think my anger over this book is quite justified.  The reason why the bread is only supposed to take five minutes of work is that you do most of the prep work once and only once.  Then you shape the loaves and bake.  Voila.

Great plan if you have a commercial sized refrigerator.  Great plan if you have two refrigerators.  Great plan if you have any freedom to decide what sort of refrigerator you have (which a pastor living in a parsonage does not have).  Great plan if you don't live 30 miles from the grocery store and make one shopping trip per week (which completely fills your refrigerator) so that you can save on gas money.

Great if you aren't me.

The irony is also rather extreme.  Remember this post?  The one where I talk about buying flour in bulk and getting containers to store it in?  Those containers are just what this book recommends you use to store dough in.  One of them fills about half of our chest freezer downstairs.  And I'm supposed to find the space in my little cramped refrigerator for one of those?  PLEASE!

So, yeah...  I'm ticked.  The only way I can use this book is if I store dough in one of the refrigerators at church, and I'm not so sure the congregation would be cool with me having half of one of their refrigerators filled with dough all the time.

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  1. You give them the Body of Christ, perhaps they'll be amenable to the dough if you also give them the unconsecrated Bread of Chuck...