Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flour. Lots of flour.

Recently we started purchasing flour in 50 lb bags.  We use lots of it.  Why?  Because we don't buy bread.  As of a couple of weeks ago we don't buy flour tortillas either.  The last 50 lb bag of flour cost us $21.25.  I buy yeast by the pound (about $3) and it lasts about a year.  I think the flour will last a couple of months.

When we decided to buy the 50 lb bag of flour we wondered how in the world we were going to store it.  After consulting with some friends who do a lot of bulk buying, we found out that if you go to a large grocery store with a deli you can usually get large food grade buckets for free or for a buck or two.  Three of those puppies and you have all the flour storage you need.

Wednesdays are Jen's baking day.  Saturdays are mine.  This weekend I'm making hamburger buns, so I'll probably post my recipe.  I might make baguettes too (if I have time tomorrow).  I try to make the baguettes every two weeks.  Jen has considered marrying them.  I tell her she has to settle for me.


  1. we're on a bit of a bread baking hiatus. With a fifth person in the house we haven't completely settled into a new normal. My dream is to build a smoker/grill/brick oven in the backyard. That way the oven won't heat up our house in the summer.

    Do you mind sharing your tortilla recipe? I have gotten good taste, but they only stay soft enough to fold for a few minutes.

  2. The tortilla recipe will be linked to in an upcoming post. I'm just waiting for Jen to e-mail the pictures to me.

    Ours still seem to fold alright a few days later.