Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Home again

Two weeks after I wrote my last post here, I received a divine call to serve two congregations in southwestern Montana: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Three Forks, Montana and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Belgrade, Montana.

After several weeks of prayerful contemplation, I accepted this call and began the moving process.  This, understandably, led to a blogging hiatus which is now over.

There are two events that hail the end of the blogging hiatus.  First, we have successfully located my pizza stone.  Second, we have ordered a new bread machine to replace the one that fell victim to a cooking accident a few months ago (don't ask).  Third, we bought two pounds of yeast last night (Yeah, so I can't count... sue me...).

To get back in the swing of things, I just want to mention how great it is to be back in the west.  We have several grocery stores to choose from, all of which stock real food (organic, natural). One of them, called Town and Country, even stocks the organic/natural goods side by side with the processed stuff.  This means that you can compare the prices side by side in the same location instead of having to run halfway across the store thirty-seven times.

The town in which we live also has Wheat Montana.  This means that all of our baking will now be done with locally sown, grown, and ground wheat.  Nothing about that isn't awesome.

Also, I've lost 42 lbs since my last post.  I'm walking two miles per day and eating less.

Also, I want to thank an anonymous Lutheran photographer and artist for the awesome new blog banner.

Finally, here's our new kitchen.  Yup... this is where the magic now happens!